Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Welcome to the Collective blog

(Originally posted on Tuesday, January 27, 2009 - NB some of the information has been edited for this re-post)
The idea of almalgamating a small group of family-owned boutique wineries evolved over a number of barbeques and get-togethers where much fine Barossa food and many wines were consumed.

Each family felt that we had something rather special in our hands with our individual small brands of wines and although each winery was finding its place in the market, there were still products that many people had not tasted, let alone purchased. Only one member of our group had a cellar door (Smallfry) and the rest of us sold our wines through retail outlets or by mail-order.

When all of our wines were put on the table, we realised what a comprehensive and enticing range of wines we had produced. Between us we had the finest Eden Valley Rieslings, amazing Barossa Shirazes and other reds, delicious rose's and dessert wines (see the list on the right hand side of the page). Our portfolio was certainly something to be admired and subsequently, after analysing our own individual places in the industry and doing some brain-storming, we realised the main thing that we had in common (other than our passion for the Barossa and making wines from the area) was our heritage - all of our families were some of the very first settlers to arrive in the Barossa in the 1840's.

So Collective was born. We have all known each other for many years and have helped each other with many aspects of the processes involved in making wine such as putting bird-netting on vines, hand-picking each other's grapes and even sharing crops to prevent wastage in the current economic situation.

The first Collective function was held last weekend and we received very positive feedback from everyone who attended so feel very positive about working together in the future.

Please email us at collectivewineries@gmail.com for more information on our wines or to be on our mailing list for future events.

James & Marie Linke, Mark Mader, Wayne Ahrens and Steven Kurtz

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